IMG_4640 web

  Festoon Commissioned by the City of Austin’s Art in Public Places TEMPO Program. see more images here

Willow House

willow 2

  The Willow House is a test of efficiency in residential design. By taking advantage of its full volume and selectively showcasing its vintage finishes, […]

Jewelry Workshop

schematic 2

Office, studio, shop, gallery and event space, this addition features a dramatic bank of double height windows facing into the xeric landscape of a live/work […]



  Rafterwork The open structure of house stripped to its frame was the armature and the catalyst for a re-imagining of the surface overhead. see […]

Half House

half house

  A sweet little addition clad in cypress. see more

Epiphyte Scrim

verde camp 3

This curtain of twine hung from the sprawling canopy of a live oak is a register for changes in the environment from light and wind […]

House on Stacy Park

stacy park

  A renovation project to create open living spaces and blend the home into its parkside site. see more

Rainwater Shed

kipp shed1

Rainwater collection and garden storage designed and built in collaboration with Austin high school students. see more

Airstream Overhaul

bathroom elevation

This 1974 Airstream Argosy will transform from a family travel trailer to a mobile single family residence and a model of sleek, contemporary design and […]

Rancho Las Aves

south perspective

Warp & Weft


  Salvaged oil field pipe and bent rebar pickets create a simple framework for weaving both materials and functions into this landscape fence which is […]

Willow House Renovation


  A hands-on experiment in residential design, shifting throughout the building process from gallery to workshop and studio to event venue. see more Willow House […]

Universal Furniture Part

ufp 001

see more